how & WHY does PSYCH-K® work?

PSYCH-K® is a transformative tool that works with the subconscious mind. And I believe targeting the subconscious mind is key for lasting results.

The subconscious mind is 95-97% of our consciousness, with our conscious thoughts only being 3-5%. Our subconscious mind also processes 4 million times faster than our conscious mind. This is why PSYCH-K® works so quickly and effectively, with most balances only taking several minutes. To tap into the subconscious mind we use muscle testing. This allows us to communicate and uncover what subconscious programs your life is running from. As well as transform your perception of past traumas or future stresses.

Although traditional talk therapy can be incredibly beneficial for many people. It is often only working at the level of the conscious mind. Which is why you can talk about something for years, and not see any real change. Because if there is no real change at the level of the subconscious, that same program or experience will keep replaying.

What is a PSYCH-K® “balance”?

Balance is the word used to describe a PSYCH-K® process or technique. There are many that exist, and we muscle test so your subconscious selects the best balance for the specific belief you want to reprogram, or the specific perception of past or future stress you want to transform.

How does PSYCH-K® work distantly
(online via Skype or FaceTime)?

In PSYCH-K® we use muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind. When sessions are not in person, obviously we cannot muscle test directly with your body. There is a process in PSYCH-K® called surrogation that allows me to connect with your higher self. Via this process I can muscle test myself in collaboration with your higher self, to communicate with your subconscious mind :)

how does muscle testing work to communicate with the subconscious mind?

The simplest explanation is when you say something that your subconscious identifies as truth, or think of something that causes no subconscious stress, your muscles will test strong. When you say something your subconscious doesn’t believe, or think of something that causes subconscious stress (anxiety about the future or past trauma), your muscles will test weak. Once we establish a baseline of strong and weak we go from there using the testing results to guide the PSYCH-K processes®.

Now in saying that, I’ve had some clients who go home and try to do it with their family members or friends and say “it doesn’t work when I do it”. Well yes, I wouldn’t recommend trying it at home without taking a course ;) I took many courses (including the Advanced workshop and Health & Wellbeing Program for PSYCH-K®) and have been doing muscle testing with clients for years. So it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. There is a specific energy associated with the testing and you do need to be trained to do it properly with yourself or someone else :)

How many beliefs, goals, traumas etc. do we work on per session?

Generally several, but this is very individual. Most PSYCH-K® balances only take a few minutes. There are some that are longer and more involved, so if you subconscious selected a longer one then perhaps we would only be focusing on 1 or 2 statements or experiences. The important part is that your subconscious knows what you need. So trust that whatever balances are selected is exactly what is best for you at this time. More balances does not = better results or more results. We set the intention at the beginning of the session that nothing more and nothing less will be done than what is needed. And honestly, some of the most profound results I have seen are with people who I have done just one or two statements with.

What does a session look like?

Each PSYCH-K® Facilitator will have their own style they bring to the technique. Personally I like to start our session with setting an intention, then identifying your goal of how you want to feel after the session, and then we get into the specific of what you want to work on. The most important part is that PSYCH-K® is all about YOU having the power. And my responsibility is to ask the right questions. In my opinion, the best facilitators are very skilled at asking key questions to help you reveal answers to yourself that were already within you. It is not about me telling you what I think you should work on, what I think you need, or giving you advice. You know those things better than me :) I ask the questions and facilitate the PSYCH-K® processes with you. At the end of the session, we set an action step. You can read more on the blog about the importance of taking action after a session.

How can I best prepare for a session?

You can write a list of things (beliefs, goals, stresses, traumas) you would like to cover. We may or may not get through everything in a single session - and it may not be necessary to cover every single thing on your list. Often there are several things that fit under one root umbrella - and when we balance for that, some of those other things fall into place as well without directly addressing them :) Trust that whatever is most important and meant to happen during a session is exactly what will happen. Prior to your session I think it is helpful to identify what you think is the root and/ or most important to you at this current time. And we will start with that. Many people want me to look at their list and tell them where to start. I highly encourage you to decide this for yourself because I am not in your mind and I have not lived your life. So you really do know better than me (or anyone else) about yourself. This process is about empowering you :) Trust your inner guidance.

On the flip side of this, if you just have one general concern you’d like to address (i.e. anxiety or depression) - think about the things you feel are contributing to this symptom and write them down. Also consider the question “how would you like to feel instead?” as this is something that I will likely be asking you during the session :)

Be prepared to be open and honest with yourself :) Open to the process, and honest about what you really want in life.

How quickly will I feel a change or see results?

This is very individual and for me personally, it has been completely different for each balance or thing I am working on. Sometimes it is a huge instantaneously shift or transformation in that moment or same day. And other times, I don’t necessarily feel something or notice a change immediately… but a few weeks later I will look back and think “wow, my reaction to x, y, z is completely different!” Many testimonials you will read will be people talking about a huge change or transformation instantly. Yes, this is very common. But if it doesn’t happy instantly for you or doesn’t feel huge in that moment, it is still just as impactful. Trust me on this and more importantly trust yourself :). Sometimes it takes extra time for your system to integrate the changes. It is different experience for every person, and different for every goal.

A note about dealing with trauma:

Please be at ease and know that you do not need to discuss your trauma or tell me any details if you don’t want to. If it helps you to say it out loud I am of course available to hold space and listen. But if you would prefer not to, I don’t need to know anything about what happened to facilitate the PSYCH-K process with you :)