The Magic of PSYCH-K®

= taking action!

 When people first hear about PSYCH-K®, it can sound like a magical wand that is too good to be true. It almost sounds like after a few minutes a problem will be completely solved. And it is commonly described something along the lines of “5 years of therapy in 5 minutes”. Is it really that simple? Yes, if you are willing to take real action in your life after the session. It’s not too good to be true, and it is almost like a magical wand… but what people sometimes miss is how important the ACTION after the session is. PSYCH-K® creates huge POTENTIAL, but without action, in most cases, there won’t always be a huge change.

We are spiritual beings having a HUMAN experience. And the human experience is physical. This means we need to take real physical action if we want to see results :)

My favourite example to help people understand is this one about fertility & infertility. One of my clients got pregnant after our PSYCH-K® session. We did balances about being worthy of pregnancy, and a stress transformation around a past abortion. These balances on their own create huge POTENTIAL for pregnancy. And after the balances the subconscious mind is fully supporting pregnancy in every way. However… without taking action to get pregnant via sex or artificial insemination - it is very unlikely you would wake up as the next virgin Mary and just magically be pregnant. This is a very clear example and people sometimes say to me “well yeah, obviously!” But the same principle applies for all other scenarios. The ACTION is what creates the most magical results. For this scenario the “action step” after the session is a very obvious one. The action steps don’t have to be abstract and complicated. We keep it as simple as possible, but taking action is absolutely the most important. So PSYCH-K® is not too good to be true. It’s possible - and it’s all up to you to take action in your life to create the result you want :)


For those unfamiliar with the term “balance” in this context - It is the word we use in PSYCH-K® to describe the process used to transform the subconscious mind. It only takes a few minutes for each balance. There are many processes to choose from, and we muscle test so that YOUR subconscious mind selects the process most suited to you for the specific goal you have in mind.


So let’s say someone wants to do a PSYCH-K® session around changing careers or starting a new business. We can balance to transform any limiting beliefs preventing you from reaching this goal. And we can balance to help you manifest and create your future. But without ACTION, it’s unlikely a new career or new business will just appear for you. You still need to take steps towards starting this new career or business. It won’t happen just by sitting on your couch just because you did PSYCH-K® :)


There may be some examples in which a huge action step AFTER the session is not as central, because you have anxiety despite the action you are already taking. For example, you have an interview and oral exam coming up that you are extremely nervous about. Even though you have already taken ACTION to prepare for it. After the PSYCH-K® session, you will likely feel more at peace and handle the interview or exam beautifully (assuming that you have in fact been fully preparing for it or studying). And your “action” is just to continue what you have already been doing to prepare. And then actually doing the interview or exam :) Another example of this would be you are hustling very hard, working away at something (let’s say career). And not seeing the results you want for your business despite all your action and hard work. This could be due to a limiting belief or past experience that is subconsciously blocking you. And PSYCH-K® is very magical for clearing these blocks within a few minutes.


And another scenario, let’s say you want to transform something related to your health. We can balance for optimal health, we can check for messages the condition is trying to deliver to you, we can balance for any limiting beliefs preventing you from getting better. But if you choose to eat poorly, sit on the couch, and make decisions that are detrimental to your health (which by the way, we can do balances around this if making healthy choices is difficult for you! No judgment here… I did balance around this for myself too. Sometimes it seems easier to eat candy than to exercise lol). – you will not magically be healthy just because of a PSYCH-K® process without taking the necessary action.


On another note, a common misconception is how fast you should expect to see a change. Because maybe you read real life testimonials or hear about it from a friend. And they felt a huge change or transformation instantly. Yes, this is very common. But if it doesn’t happy instantly for you or doesn’t feel huge in that moment, it is still just as impactful. Trust me on this and more importantly trust yourself :). Sometimes it takes extra time for your system to integrate the changes. It is different experience for every person, and different for every goal. For me personally, sometimes it is a huge instantaneously shift or transformation in that moment or same day. And other times, I don’t necessarily feel something or notice a change immediately… but a few weeks later I will look back and think “wow, my reaction to x, y, z is completely different!”


 I hope this clears up any confusion and paints an accurate picture of what you can expect. And how PSYCH-K® can help you if you’re considering a session. Or if you’re considering taking a course so you can do PSYCH-K® with yourself. Highly recommend, it is a life changing experience if you are ready and willing for a life changing experience!

Krista Griffin